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The sight of fresh flowers is soothing to every eye. We all want to keep our favourite flower bouquets fresh for as long as possible. It is only possible if you take good care of them. Once the flower is cut and parted from its plant, it is only natural that it would wither. But with effective tricks and methods, the flower can stay fresh for a long time. Let’s see how- 

How do You Keep Flowers Fresh?

Keep Flowers Fresh for a Longer Time-Keep Them in Water

Whether you want to keep the flowers from your garden fresh for a longer time or the exotic flowers someone sent you, don’t forget to keep them in water. Check the temperature of the water before placing them inside. The water should neither be too cold nor too hot. Room temperature works best to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. 

Make Sure to Use a Clean and Proper Vase. 

Before you place the flowers in a vase, clean it properly or use an already clean vase. Sometimes the vase has impurities that can cause the flowers to wither quickly. Another essential point to remember while deciding on a vase for your flowers is its height. The vase should be appropriate according to the need of the flowers. For instance, if the flowers are light, they bend and break in a low vase. Similarly, a tall vase wouldn’t work best for a heavy flower bunch. A proper vase according to your flowers will keep them fresh and beautiful for longer. 

Don’t Let the Foliage Touch the Water Surface. 

While keeping the flowers in water, make sure that the leaves don’t touch the water surface. Keep the stems submerged in water but avoid contact of leaves with the water surface. Pick out the leaves from the lower part of the stem to avoid microbial growth. Also, make sure to cut off the dead or dry leaves and remove them from the water if there are any. They also induce microbial growth and prevent the stem from taking in the air from water. 

Keep Flowers Fresh for a Longer TimeSnip the Stems 

Cut a short part of the flower stem that will remain submerged in the water and perform the job of taking in water to keep the flowers fresh. This method is best for flowers with longer stems lying flat on the vase’s bottom. They might not get enough area to take in water easily. So, a simple way to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time is to snip 1-2 inches of their stem to make their hydration easy.  

Keep Your Flowers Away from Fruits and Electrical Appliances.

Ideally, flowers should be kept in a cool place to prevent them from wilting early. Avoid direct sunlight from any heat source like electric appliances such as TV, AC, microwave, etc., which produce a high amount of heat upon functioning. Other than that, keep your flower vase away from fruits as well. If you wonder how fruits will affect them, it might come to you as a shocker. Fruits and flowers both produce ethylene. It is a gas useful for the growth of both flowers and fruits. So, the high amounts of ethylene produced by fruits can stop the flowers from producing it and reduce their vase life. To keep your flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time, avoid placing them near any fruits. 

Apart from the tips mentioned above to protect the flowers from wilting quickly, you can apply other effective methods to keep the flower fresh for a longer time:

Keep Flowers Fresh for a Longer Time-Save Them with Hairspray.

Hairsprays are not only your saviour when you are having a bad hair day, but they can also rejuvenate the flowers and keep them fresh for a longer time. Just take your hairspray bottle and spray your favourite flowers from all sides to prevent them from wilting soon. Remember to take move a step back from the bouquet before spraying them. Otherwise, the pressure might damage the flowers. 

Pro Tip: You can also use hairspray to preserve dried flowers to use them for home decor or just as a special memory. 

Vodka is a tonic for cut flowers.

The flowers can be kept fresh for a longer time if you can prevent bacterial growth effectively anti-bacterial growth. This is where the vodka comes into play. Add a few drops of vodka and sugar to the water in which the flowers are kept. It will stop the bacterial action in the water so that the stems can take in water easily. You can also use any spirit to avoid bacterial growth. 

Condition Your Flowers with Sugar

Add sugar solution to the water you have kept your flowers. Sugar helps nourish flowers and keeps them fresh for a longer time. It will work as flower food and increase their vase life. Flowers need carbohydrates to get their energy and nutrition. Once the flower is cut from the plant, it can’t synthesize its food. So, sugar solution in the water can help the flowers to restore their nourishment and stay fresh for a longer time. 

Keep Them Cool

Where you place your flower vase in the house is important. The flower vase needs to be positioned to keep the flowers cool. For instance, keeping your flower vase near a window is not good as it exposes the flowers to direct sunlight. The increased temperature might dry the flowers early and reduce their vase life. Similarly, a strong breeze can break the flower from its stem. So, make sure to place your flower vase in a cool place favourable for the flowers to keep them fresh for a longer time. 

Trim Them when Needed

Take extra care of the dead leaves and wilted flowers. If you find any in the flower bouquet, cut them off to prevent bacterial growth. If they fall in the water, they again initiate microbial action, making it difficult for the stem to absorb water. So, snip off the dead leaves and flowers from the bunch. Extra precaution is needed if you have different flowers in a bunch. Every flower has a different life span, so please keep a check on your bunch and remove the dead ones to keep the rest of the flowers fresh for longer. 

Final Takeaway

Flowers can be kept fresh for many days if you take extra care to prevent microbial growth and provide them with the necessary nutrition. So, consider the tricks mentioned earlier and increase their vase life. A few simple steps can prevent the ageing of your cut flowers, and you can enjoy their freshness for a longer time!

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