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Gardening is a therapeutic hobby to pursue. It is good for both your mind and body and the environment. However, as beautiful as the process is, it is not easy to start growing flowers at home. Flower plants are much more sensitive than other plants and require proper care. Especially if you are a beginner, this process has a learning curve. So, to help you understand more about how to grow flowers at home as a beginner, here are some tips that will come in handy.

How to Grow Flowers at Home as a Beginner

Finding the Right Spot

How to Grow Flowers at Home

First, where you put your flowers to grow is the most important factor to consider. If you put them in places where there is too much sunlight, they are going to die. It is because they will not be able to retain as much moisture as needed and will eventually dry up. On the other hand, if you place them in a place without sunlight, they won’t flourish well. Plants need sunlight to prepare their food & derive a lot of nutrients as well from the sunlight. So, you must find a place that gives you the best of both worlds.

Try to find an area that gets some sunlight and then add a shade on top of the plant so that they get sunlight, but not too much. Also, if there are any heat waves, make sure you remove them from there. Heat waves can harm your plants a lot and make them dry up.

Trim Them Regularly

Pruning is an important step in taking care of your plants while you are growing them at home. It is important to check on your flower plants every few days to see if their leaves or petals are doing okay. If you find that the leaves have turned yellow or are drowsing, you must cut them off. If there are any weed formations on the step or the branches of the leaves, you must also remove them.

How to Grow Flowers at Home-Keep the Soil Moist Too

While watering the plants, sometimes we ignore the soil and do not check if the water is going through or not. So, it is important to check the soil while watering the plants. Make sure you water the plants closely through the soil. Watering the soil efficiently is important because roots absorb the same water from the soil to provide to the plants. So, ensure you drip the water into the soil and let it seep through until you feel the soil has moisture.

If the soil has any dry cracks on it, it means that the soil does not have enough water. This will allow the soil to retain moisture even when the weather is too hot. You can also use a gardening tool to turn the soil upside down so that dried soil can go down and moist soil can get up. When doing this, ensure you do not harm the roots. Otherwise, you will have to re-pot the plant completely, which may harm the plant in the long run.

Protect Your Plants from Heat Waves

Heat waves can be excessively damaging to plants. So, you must make sure to protect your plants from them. Keep the plants inside or in a shady area if there are any heat waves. During a heat wave, spray water on the plants to create moisture on them and around them. If you want, you can also create a humid environment for them by keeping them in a glass container in a shady area.

Do not keep your plants close to the window where there is direct sunlight. The window’s glass can magnify the effect of the sunlight and burn the plants. You don’t want that for your plants, do you?

How to Grow Flowers at Home-Get Plant Food

Even though most plants do not require any other source of food for their growth, the plants you keep at home might not get the right amount of food for themselves. So, it is important to provide them with some external food source to grow well. You can consult with a professional in this field and get some fertilizers. The fertilizers will provide the required nutrition to your plants & they will help them grow and bloom for a long time.

Give Them Space

One more thing that most of us forget is to keep space between different plants. Usually, since people have less space in their homes, they start putting plants very close to each other. This is not good for the health of the plants because it can increase the chances of less air for the plants. If all the plants are put together in a confined space, they will have less carbon dioxide to absorb. Also, if one of the plants gets infected, the other plants can get the same infection.

So, it is always advisable to keep all the plants at some distance, so they don’t spread the same infection they have to other healthy plants.

Bonus Tip: The flowers and leaves that dry up, remove them. If you find any leaves and flowers that have dropped down due to drying or dying, don’t throw them. Keep those together and bury them back into the soil. They will work as compost and fertilize the soil. This way, your dried flowers, and leaves won’t go to waste, and soil health will improve too!


With that said, these are some basic tips you can consider while growing flowers at home. Even though there are a lot of things to learn as a beginner, these are just some basic things that will help you start. If you like decorating your house with flowers, you can order flower vases online in India from FlowersnFruits.

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