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“The soul is healed by being with children”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Children are the most beautiful gift from the divine. Their innocence and purity are so striking that in their company, we forget the woes and worries of our mundane life. When they make us so happy, don’t they deserve the best gift on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan? Raksha Bandhan marks the unique and beautiful bond that the siblings share. Along with strengthening the bond with the holy thread of rakhi, buying exciting gifts for our siblings has also become a tradition to express warmth and care. 

Gifting things your younger siblings or niece and nephews would anticipate is the surest way of bringing a lovely smile to their faces. However, giving them a special surprise would also make them glow with joy. 

Here is a list of best rakhi gift ideas to add more joy to the occasion: 

Rakhi Gifts Ideas for Sisters

1. Chocolates

Doesn’t every kid on this planet loves chocolates? Even we can’t resist a box full of Ferrero Rocher or Cadbury Celebrations! If you already know the personal favourites of your siblings, it’s perfect. Even if you don’t know, you don’t have to whack your brain much to find the best box of chocolates. Some of the most popular chocolates among kids include Kitkat, Hershey’s Kisses, Cadbury Dairymilk, Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, etc. 

2. Soft Toys

Kids love to play with soft toys, especially girls. You must have seen your young siblings or kids obsessing over their plush toys. We used to do the same things when we were kids. A cute teddy, an elephant or a panda soft toy is always welcomed. Kids can never have enough of these toys. So, find which toy your little sister loves the most and bring a smile to her face with her favourite gift. 

3. A Doll Set or Doll House

Dolls are a young girl’s favourite playmates. You must have observed how naturally your younger sister is drawn toward dolls. You can buy a doll set that can come with one or more dolls, and some doll sets also include two adult dolls and their children. So, your young sister will have fun playing with them and getting them ready. Dollhouses are also a great gift as they come with furniture, accessories, and clothes for a great playtime experience.  

4. Fashion Accessories

Apart from play things, fashion accessories can also be a great rakhi gift ideas. Girls love cute headbands, bracelets, sunglasses, and other accessories that accompany their attire. Nowadays, fashion is not only the realm of adults; even young kids pay a lot of attention to such details. So, you can either buy separate accessories or customise a box full of lovely hair clips, bandanas, vibrant earrings, bracelets and many more things your kid sister likes. 

5. Handbags

Kids love to carry bags and purses as they watch their mother holding one in her hands. So, your young sister would be so excited to get a cute little handbag of her own. You can go for sling bags or backpacks. You can even get a personalized bag with your sister’s photo. So, as a rakhi gift idea for your sister, you could buy her a nice handbag which will also help her to learn how to take care of her possessions. 

Rakhi Gifts Ideas for Brothers

1. A Watch

Boys are fond of watches, and this love doesn’t fade even when they grow up. Nowadays, you can also find a great variety of watches for young kids. You can select the one designed with your little brother’s favourite superhero character, or you can even go for the best smartwatch with fun games, fitness services, and other smart features rolled up in one device. So, a stylish and trendy watch would always be a great rakhi gift idea for your little brother. 

2. Backpack

Boys and girls both love a cute backpack. Whether they go to school or on outings, a backpack is a useful gift for your young kids. You can pick a trendy design for your little brother’s backpack or surprise him with a DC or Marvel printed backpack. 

3. Gadgets

Gadgets always excite young boys. So, any gadget such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers, remote control cars, etc., would be a great rakhi gift idea for your little brother. Now that the kids are also gaining from the online learning platforms, you can also gift some educational gadget tools to your young siblings.

4. Board Games

With a recent pandemic experience, the value of indoor games has increased for all of us. Playing board games like chess, ludo, snake, and ladder, and monopoly is also a great way to strengthen bonds with our young siblings and make their minds sharp. So, buying a fun board game for your siblings is also a great rakhi gift idea. 

5. Sunglasses

Surprise your little brother with a cute pair of sunglasses. After all, he also likes to dress up in style. You can pair the sunglasses with other fashion accessories like a cap, belt, or a cute little wallet. 

Some other rakhi gift ideas for kids can be:-

  • A play tent for indoor fun. 
  • Art supplies to bring out their creativity.
  • Books to help them grow into better individuals. 
  • Personalized cushions for a super comfy sleep. 
  • Interesting stationery to make school more fun. 
  • A bottle or sipper, so they stay healthy and hydrated. 
  • Indoor plants cultivate feelings of care and harmony. 


Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrating sibling bonds, and gifts make celebrations more fun and exciting. Apart from the rakhi gift ideas mentioned above, you can also include the delight of freshly baked cakes to make this occasion more joyful. Kids love cakes, and at FlowersnFruits, you will find a great variety of cake flavours to impress your younger siblings. You can also check out other exciting rakhi gifts for your siblings.

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